1. 36

    ततः कृष्णं च रामं च ज्ञातयो धेनुकस्य ये । क्रोष्टारोऽभ्यद्रवन् सर्वे संरब्धा हतबान्धवाः ।। १०-१५-३६ ।।

    The other ass demons, close friends of Dhenukāsura, were enraged upon seeing his death, and thus they all immediately ran to attack Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma. ।। 10-15-36 ।।

  2. 37

    तांस्तानापततः कृष्णो रामश्च नृप लीलया । गृहीतपश्चाच्चरणान् प्राहिणोत्तृणराजसु ।। १०-१५-३७ ।।

    O King, as the demons attacked, Kṛṣṇa and Balarāma easily seized them one after another by their hind legs and threw them all into the tops of the palm trees. ।। 10-15-37 ।।

  3. 38

    फलप्रकरसङ्कीर्णं दैत्यदेहैर्गतासुभिः । रराज भूः सतालाग्रैर्घनैरिव नभस्तलम् ।। १०-१५-३८ ।।

    The earth then appeared beautifully covered with heaps of fruits and with the dead bodies of the demons, which were entangled in the broken tops of the palm trees. Indeed, the earth shone like the sky decorated with clouds. ।। 10-15-38 ।।

  4. 39

    तयोस्तत्सुमहत्कर्म निशाम्य विबुधादयः । मुमुचुः पुष्पवर्षाणि चक्रुर्वाद्यानि तुष्टुवुः ।। १०-१५-३९ ।।

    Hearing of this magnificent feat of the two brothers, the demigods and other elevated living beings rained down flowers and offered music and prayers in glorification. ।। 10-15-39 ।।

  5. 40

    अथ तालफलान्यादन् मनुष्या गतसाध्वसाः । तृणं च पशवश्चेरुर्हतधेनुककानने ।। १०-१५-४० ।।

    People now felt free to return to the forest where Dhenuka had been killed, and without fear they ate the fruits of the palm trees. Also, the cows could now graze freely upon the grass there. ।। 10-15-40 ।।