1. 16

    इति व्यवस्याजगरं बृहद्वपुः स योजनायाममहाद्रिपीवरम् । धृत्वाद्भुतं व्यात्तगुहाननं तदा पथि व्यशेत ग्रसनाशया खलः ।। १०-१२-१६ ।।

    After thus deciding, that crooked Aghāsura assumed the form of a huge python, as thick as a big mountain and as long as eight miles. Having assumed this wonderful python’s body, he spread his mouth like a big cave in the mountains and lay down on the road, expecting to swallow Kṛṣṇa and His associates the cowherd boys. ।। 10-12-16 ।।

  2. 17

    धराधरोष्ठो जलदोत्तरोष्ठो दर्याननान्तो गिरिश‍ृङ्गदंष्ट्रः । ध्वान्तान्तरास्यो वितताध्वजिह्वः परुषानिलश्वासदवेक्षणोष्णः ।। १०-१२-१७ ।।

    His lower lip rested on the surface of the earth, and his upper lip was touching the clouds in the sky. The borders of his mouth resembled the sides of a big cave in a mountain, and the middle of his mouth was as dark as possible. His tongue resembled a broad traffic-way, his breath was like a warm wind, and his eyes blazed like fire. ।। 10-12-17 ।।

  3. 18

    दृष्ट्वा तं तादृशं सर्वे मत्वा वृन्दावनश्रियम् । व्यात्ताजगरतुण्डेन ह्युत्प्रेक्षन्ते स्म लीलया ।। १०-१२-१८ ।।

    Upon seeing this demon’s wonderful form, which resembled a great python, the boys thought that it must be a beautiful scenic spot of Vṛndāvana. Thereafter, they imagined it to be similar to the mouth of a great python. In other words, the boys, unafraid, thought that it was a statue made in the shape of a great python for the enjoyment of their pastimes. ।। 10-12-18 ।।

  4. 19

    अहो मित्राणि गदत सत्त्वकूटं पुरःस्थितम् । अस्मत्सङ्ग्रसनव्यात्तव्यालतुण्डायते न वा ।। १०-१२-१९ ।।

    The boys said: Dear friends, is this creature dead, or is it actually a living python with its mouth spread wide just to swallow us all? Kindly clear up this doubt. ।। 10-12-19 ।।

  5. 20

    सत्यमर्ककरारक्तमुत्तराहनुवद्घनम् । अधराहनुवद्रोधस्तत्प्रतिच्छाययारुणम् ।। १०-१२-२० ।।

    Thereafter they decided: Dear friends, this is certainly an animal sitting here to swallow us all. Its upper lip resembles a cloud reddened by the sunshine, and its lower lip resembles the reddish shadows of a cloud. ।। 10-12-20 ।।