1. 31

    त्वं महान् प्रकृतिः सूक्ष्मा रजःसत्त्वतमोमयी । त्वमेव पुरुषोऽध्यक्षः सर्वक्षेत्रविकारवित् ।। १०-१०-३१ ।।

    You are the time factor, the immediate cause, and You are material nature, consisting of the three modes passion, goodness and ignorance. You are the original cause of this material manifestation. You are the Supersoul, and therefore You know everything within the core of the heart of every living entity. ।। 10-10-31 ।।

  2. 32

    गृह्यमाणैस्त्वमग्राह्यो विकारैः प्राकृतैर्गुणैः । को न्विहार्हति विज्ञातुं प्राक्सिद्धं गुणसंवृतः ।। १०-१०-३२ ।।

    O Lord, You exist before the creation. Therefore, who, trapped by a body of material qualities in this material world, can understand You? ।। 10-10-32 ।।

  3. 33

    तस्मै तुभ्यं भगवते वासुदेवाय वेधसे । आत्मद्योतगुणैश्छन्नमहिम्ने ब्रह्मणे नमः ।। १०-१०-३३ ।।

    O Lord, whose glories are covered by Your own energy, You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You are Saṅkarṣaṇa, the origin of creation, and You are Vāsudeva, the origin of the caturvyūha. Because You are everything and are therefore the Supreme Brahman, we simply offer our respectful obeisances unto You. ।। 10-10-33 ।।

  4. 34

    यस्यावतारा ज्ञायन्ते शरीरेष्वशरीरिणः । तैस्तैरतुल्यातिशयैर्वीर्यैर्देहिष्वसङ्गतैः ।। १०-१०-३४ ।।

    Appearing in bodies like those of an ordinary fish, tortoise and hog, You exhibit activities impossible for such creatures to perform — extraordinary, incomparable, transcendental activities of unlimited power and strength. ।। 10-10-34 ।।

  5. 35

    स भवान् सर्वलोकस्य भवाय विभवाय च । अवतीर्णोंऽशभागेन साम्प्रतं पतिराशिषाम् ।। १०-१०-३५ ।।

    These bodies of Yours, therefore, are not made of material elements, but are incarnations of Your Supreme Personality. You are the same Supreme Personality of Godhead, who have now appeared, with full potency, for the benefit of all living entities within this material world. ।। 10-10-35 ।।