1. 26

    इत्यन्तरेणार्जुनयोः कृष्णस्तु यमयोर्ययौ । आत्मनिर्वेशमात्रेण तिर्यग्गतमुलूखलम् ।। १०-१०-२६ ।।

    Having thus spoken, Kṛṣṇa soon entered between the two arjuna trees, and thus the big mortar to which He was bound turned crosswise and stuck between them. ।। 10-10-26 ।।

  2. 27

    बालेन निष्कर्षयतान्वगुलूखलं तद्दामोदरेण तरसोत्कलिताङ्घ्रिबन्धौ निष्पेततुः परमविक्रमितातिवेपस्कन्धप्रवालविटपौ कृतचण्डशब्दौ ।। १०-१०-२७ ।।

    By dragging behind Him with great force the wooden mortar tied to His belly, the boy Kṛṣṇa uprooted the two trees. By the great strength of the Supreme Person, the two trees, with their trunks, leaves and branches, trembled severely and fell to the ground with a great crash. ।। 10-10-27 ।।

  3. 28

    तत्र श्रिया परमया ककुभः स्फुरन्तौ सिद्धावुपेत्य कुजयोरिव जात वेदाः कृष्णं प्रणम्य शिरसाखिललोकनाथं द्धाञ्जली विरजसाविदमूचतुः स्म ।। १०-१०-२८ ।।

    Thereafter, in that very place where the two arjuna trees had fallen, two great, perfect personalities, who appeared like fire personified, came out of the two trees. The effulgence of their beauty illuminating all directions, with bowed heads they offered obeisances to Kṛṣṇa, and with hands folded they spoke the following words. ।। 10-10-28 ।।

  4. 29

    कृष्ण कृष्ण महायोगिंस्त्वमाद्यः पुरुषः परः । व्यक्ताव्यक्तमिदं विश्वं रूपं ते ब्राह्मणा विदुः ।। १०-१०-२९ ।।

    O Lord Kṛṣṇa, Lord Kṛṣṇa, Your opulent mysticism is inconceivable. You are the supreme, original person, the cause of all causes, immediate and remote, and You are beyond this material creation. Learned brāhmaṇas know [on the basis of the Vedic statement sarvaṁ khalv idaṁ brahma] that You are everything and that this cosmic manifestation, in its gross and subtle aspects, is Your form. ।। 10-10-29 ।।

  5. 30

    त्वमेकः सर्वभूतानां देहास्वात्मेन्द्रियेश्वरः । त्वमेव कालो भगवान् विष्णुरव्यय ईश्वरः ।। १०-१०-३० ।।

    You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the controller of everything. The body, life, ego and senses of every living entity are Your own self. You are the Supreme Person, Viṣṇu, the imperishable controller. ।। 10-10-30 ।।