1. 96

    नास्तिक्यम अनृतं करॊधं परमादं दीर्घसूत्रताम अदर्शनं जञानवताम आलस्यं कषिप्तचित्तताम ।। २-५-९६ ।।

    'There's no atheism, falsehood, anger, extreme indulgence, verbosity, lack of vision, ignorance among the wise, or laziness among those with alert minds.' ।। 2-5-96 ।।

  2. 97

    एकचिन्तनम अर्थानाम अनर्थज्ञैश च चिन्तनम निश्चितानाम अनारम्भं मन्त्रस्यापरिरक्षणम ।। २-५-९७ ।।

    'Focusing solely on one idea, lack of understanding of the consequences by those who deliberate, starting projects without certainty, and neglecting to protect a plan—are these the characteristics you're referring to?' ।। 2-5-97 ।।

  3. 98

    मङ्गल्यस्याप्रयॊगं च परसङ्गं विषयेषु च कच चित तवं वर्जयस्य एतान राजदॊषांश चतुर्दश ।। २-५-९८ ।।

    'Do you abstain from the misuse of auspicious ceremonies, from bad company, and from indulgence in sensual pleasures? Do you avoid these fourteen faults of kings?' ।। 2-5-98 ।।

  4. 99

    कच चित ते सफला वेदाः कच चित ते सफलं धनम कच चित ते सफला दाराः कच चित ते सफलं शरुतम ।। २-५-९९ ।।

    'O monarch, even those firmly established on thrones can be brought down by these. Have your studies of the Vedas, your wealth, your mastery of scriptures, and your marriages borne fruit?' ।। 2-5-99 ।।

  5. 100

    [य] कथं वै सफला वेदाः कथं वै सफलं धनम कथं वै सफला दाराः कथं वै सफलं शरुतम ।। २-५-१०० ।।

    'Vaisampayana continued, "After the Rishi had finished, Yudhishthira asked, 'How, O Rishi, do the Vedas, wealth, wife, and knowledge of the Sastras yield fruit?"' ।। 2-5-100 ।।