1. 86

    कच चित ते सर्वविद्यासु गुणतॊ ऽरचा परवर्तते बराह्मणानां च साधूनां तव निःश्रेयसे शुभा ।। २-५-८६ ।।

    'Do all the virtues shine in your knowledge of all sciences? Are the welfare of the righteous Brahmins auspicious for you?' ।। 2-5-86 ।।

  2. 87

    कच चिद धर्मे तरयी मूले पूर्वैर आचरिते जनैः वर्तमानस तथा कर्तुं तस्मिन कर्मणि वर्तसे ।। २-५-८७ ।।

    'Verily, such reverence undoubtedly yields great benefit to you. Do you, in turn, hold faith in the religion grounded in the three Vedas, as upheld by your predecessors?' ।। 2-5-87 ।।

  3. 88

    कच चित तव गृहे ऽननानि सवादून्य अश्नन्ति वै दविजाः गुणवन्ति गुणॊपेतास तवाध्यक्षं सदक्षिणम ।। २-५-८८ ।।

    'Do you diligently adhere to the customs of your predecessors? Are learned Brahmanas welcomed in your household and served nutritious and exquisite meals in your presence? And do they also receive financial offerings upon the conclusion of those feasts?' ।। 2-5-88 ।।

  4. 89

    कच चित करतून एकचित्तॊ वाजपेयांश च सर्वशः पुण्डरीकांश च कार्त्स्न्येन यतसे कर्तुम आत्मवान ।। २-५-८९ ।।

    'Do you, with passions under complete control and a single-minded focus, strive to perform the Vajapeya and Pundarika sacrifices, ensuring that all their rites are carried out fully?' ।। 2-5-89 ।।

  5. 90

    कच चिज जञातीन गुरून वृद्धान दैवतांस तापसान अपि चैत्यांश च वृक्षान कल्याणान बराह्मणांश च नमस्यसि ।। २-५-९० ।।

    'Do you pay homage to your relatives, superiors, elders, deities, ascetics, Brahmanas, and to the tall trees in villages, which are of immense benefit to people?' ।। 2-5-90 ।।