1. 26

    एकॊ ऽपय अमात्यॊ मेधावी शूरॊ दान्तॊ विचक्षणः राजानं राजपुत्रं वा परापयेन महतीं शरियम ।। २-५-२६ ।।

    'A solitary minister, wise, valiant, temperate, and discerning, has the potential to bestow unparalleled prosperity upon a king or his heir.' ।। 2-5-26 ।।

  2. 27

    कच चिद अष्टा दशान्येषु सवपक्षे दश पञ्च च तरिभिस तरिभिर अविज्ञातैर वेत्सि तीर्थानि चारकैः ।। २-५-२७ ।।

    'So, do you have at least one such minister? Do you ensure thorough reconnaissance of the enemy's eighteen Tirthas and your own fifteen, using three different sets of spies who are unaware of each other's existence?' ।। 2-5-27 ।।

  3. 28

    कच चिद दविषाम अविदितः परतियत्तश च सर्वदा नित्ययुक्तॊ रिपून सर्वान वीक्षसे रिपुसूदन ।। २-५-२८ ।।

    'Do you always keep a close watch on your adversaries, constantly aware of their activities and strategies, ensuring that you are never caught unawares?' ।। 2-5-28 ।।

  4. 29

    कच चिद विनयसंपन्नः कुलपुत्रॊ बहुश्रुतः अनसूयुर अनुप्रष्टा सत्कृतस ते पुरॊहितः ।। २-५-२९ ।।

    'And is the priest you honor characterized by humility, purity of lineage, renown, and devoid of jealousy and narrow-mindedness?' ।। 2-5-29 ।।

  5. 30

    कच चिद अग्निषु ते युक्तॊ विधिज्ञॊ मतिमान ऋजुः हुतं च हॊष्यमानं च काले वेदयते सदा ।। २-५-३० ।।

    'Have you appointed a well-mannered, knowledgeable, and sincere Brahmana proficient in rituals to conduct your daily rites before the sacred fire, and does he timely remind you when your offerings should be made?' ।। 2-5-30 ।।