1. 26

    अन्तरिक्षचरा घॊरा महाकाया महाबलाः रक्ताक्षाः पिङ्गलाक्षाश च शुक्तिकर्णाः परहारिणः ।। २-३-२६ ।।

    'Dreadful beings who traversed the skies, with colossal bodies and immense strength, their eyes red, their forms gigantic, their ears shaped like conch shells.' ।। 2-3-26 ।।

  2. 27

    तस्यां सभायां नलिनीं चकाराप्रतिमां मयः वैडूर्य पत्रविततां मणिनाल मयाम्बुजाम ।। २-३-२७ ।।

    'In that assembly, Maya created an incomparable lotus pond, spread with lustrous petals of lapis lazuli and filled with water made of pearls.' ।। 2-3-27 ।।

  3. 28

    पद्मसौगन्धिक वतीं नानाद्विज गणायुताम पुष्पितैः पङ्कजैश चित्रां कूर्ममत्स्यैश च शॊभिताम ।। २-३-२८ ।।

    'Abounding with fully bloomed lotuses and populated with fishes and golden-hued tortoises, its bottom devoid of mud and its water crystal clear. Crystal stairs led from the banks to the water's edge.' ।। 2-3-28 ।।

  4. 29

    सूपतीर्थाम अकलुषां सर्वर्तुसलिलां शुभाम मारुतेनैव चॊद्धूतैर मुक्ता बिन्दुभिर आचिताम ।। २-३-२९ ।।

    'The gentle breezes that caressed its surface softly swayed the flowers adorning it. The banks of the tank were lined with slabs of expensive marble adorned with pearls.' ।। 2-3-29 ।।

  5. 30

    मणिरत्नचितां तां तु के चिद अभ्येत्य पार्थिवाः दृष्ट्वापि नाभ्यजानन्त ते ऽजञानात परपतन्त्य उत ।। २-३-३० ।।

    'Gazing upon the tank adorned with jewels and precious stones all around, many kings who approached mistook it for solid ground and fell into it with eyes wide open.' ।। 2-3-30 ।।