1. 6

    तया सवजनगामीनि शरावितॊ वचनानि सः संपूजितश चाप्य असकृच छिरसा चाभिवादितः ।। २-२-६ ।।

    'He then spoke words to Subhadra that were pleasant for her to hear, and having been worshipped by her and being honored with reverence, he bid farewell to her without delay.' ।। 2-2-6 ।।

  2. 7

    ताम अनुज्ञाप्य वार्ष्णेयः परतिनन्द्य च भामिनीम ददर्शानन्तरं कृष्णां दौम्यं चापि जनार्दनः ।। २-२-७ ।।

    'Returning Subhadra's salutations and multiple obeisance's, the eloquent Subhadra conveyed all her messages for her paternal relatives. After bidding her farewell and offering blessings upon his beautiful sister, the descendant of Vrishni then met with Draupadi and Dhaumya.' ।। 2-2-7 ।।

  3. 8

    ववन्दे च यथान्यायं धौम्यं पुरुषसत्तमः दरौपदीं सान्त्वयित्वा च आमन्त्र्य च जनार्दनः ।। २-२-८ ।।

    'He respectfully greeted the eminent Dhaumya by custom, comforted Draupadi, and then invited them, addressing Janardana.' ।। 2-2-8 ।।

  4. 9

    भरातॄन अभ्यगमद धीमान पार्थेन सहितॊ बली भरातृभिः पञ्चभिः कृष्णॊ वृतः शक्र इवामरैः ।। २-२-९ ।।

    'Accompanied by the learned and powerful Arjuna, Krishna went to his cousins. Surrounded by the five brothers, Krishna shone among them like Indra amidst the celestials.' ।। 2-2-9 ।।

  5. 10

    अर्चयाम आस देवांश च दविजांश च यदुपुंगवः माल्यजप्य नमः कारैर गन्धैर उच्चावचैर अपि स कृत्वा सर्वकार्याणि परतस्थे तस्थुषां वरः ।। २-२-१० ।।

    'Desiring to commence his journey, he, whose banner bore the emblem of Garuda, purified himself with a bath and adorned his body with ornaments. Then, the leader of the Yadu clan worshipped the gods and Brahmins with floral garlands, sacred chants, respectful bows, and exquisite perfumes. Upon completing all these rituals, that foremost of steadfast and virtuous individuals contemplated beginning his journey.' ।। 2-2-10 ।।