1. 21

    लॊचनैर अनुजग्मुस ते तम आदृष्टि पथात तदा मनॊभिर अनुजग्मुस ते कृष्णं परीतिसमन्वयात ।। २-२-२१ ।।

    'After making a promise to them regarding his return and persuading the Pandavas to refrain from following him further on foot, the conqueror of Madhu joyfully proceeded towards his own city, resembling Indra on his way to Amravati.' ।। 2-2-21 ।।

  2. 22

    अतृप्त मनसाम एव तेषां केशव दर्शने कषिप्रम अन्तर्दधे शौरिश चक्षुषां परियदर्शनः ।। २-२-२२ ।।

    'Driven by their deep love and affection for him, the Pandavas gazed upon Krishna as long as he remained within their sight, and even after he disappeared from view, their minds continued to follow him. Although their hearts remained unsatisfied with merely glimpsing him, Kesava, with his pleasing demeanor, soon vanished from their sight.' ।। 2-2-22 ।।

  3. 23

    अकामा इव पार्थास ते गॊविन्द गतमानसाः निवृत्यॊपययुः सर्वे सवपुरं पुरुषर्षभाः सयन्दनेनाथ कृष्णॊ ऽपि समये दवारकाम अगात ।। २-२-२३ ।।

    'The valiant sons of Pritha, their hearts set on Govinda, reluctantly refrained from pursuing him further and hastened back to their own city. Meanwhile, Krishna swiftly arrived in Dwaraka in his chariot, accompanied by that heroic charioteer.' ।। 2-2-23 ।।