1. 21

    यदि कश्चित्समर्थो वस्सागरप्लवने हरिः | स ददा त्विह न शशीघ्रं पुण्यामभयदक्षिणाम् || ४-६४-२१

    'If there is any one among you who is capable of leaping across the ocean he will be giving all of us the sacred gift of life quickly?' [4-64-21]

  2. 22

    अङ्गदस्य वच श्शृत्वा न कश्चित् किञ्चिदब्रवीत् | स्तिमिते वा भवत्सर्वा सा तत्र हरिवाहिनी || ४-६४-२२

    After hearing Angada, no one spoke a word. The entire army of monkeys became still and motionless. [4-64-22]

  3. 23

    पुनरेवाङ्गदः प्राह तान्हरीन्हरिसत्तमः | सर्वे बलवतां श्रेष्ठा भवन्तो दृढविक्रमाः | व्यपदेश्य कुले जाताः पूजिताश्चाप्यभीक्ष्णशः || ४-६४-२३

    Angada, the best of the monkeys again addressed them saying, 'you are all mighty, eminent and courageous, born in renowned families and have been honoured again and again (for your actions). [4-64-23]

  4. 24

    न हि वो गमने सङ्गः कदाचित्कस्यचित्क्वचित् | ब्रुवध्वं यस्य या शक्तिः प्लवने प्लवगर्षभाः || ४-६४-२४

    'None of you at any time have faced any obstruction in doing your deeds. You are efficient in leaping. O bulls among monkeys now speak out, who among you can fly and how far? [4-64-24]