1. 371

    भर्तारं लङ्घयेद् या तु स्त्री ज्ञातिगुणदर्पिता । तां श्वभिः खादयेद् राजा संस्थाने बहुसंस्थिते ॥ ३७१ ॥

    If a wife, proud of the greatness of her relatives or (her own) excellence, violates the duty which she owes to her lord, the king shall cause her to be devoured by dogs in a place frequented by many.

  2. 372

    पुमांसं दाहयेत् पापं शयने तप्त आयसे । अभ्यादध्युश्च काष्ठानि तत्र दह्येत पापकृत् ॥ ३७२ ॥

    Let him cause the male offender to be burnt on a red-hot iron bed; they shall put logs under it, (until) the sinner is burned (to death).

  3. 373

    संवत्सराभिशस्तस्य दुष्टस्य द्विगुणो दमः । व्रात्यया सह संवासे चाण्डाल्या तावदेव तु ॥ ३७३ ॥

    On a man (once) convicted, who is (again) accused within a year, a double fine (must be inflicted); even thus (must the fine be doubled) for (repeated) intercourse with a Vratya and a Kandali.

  4. 374

    शूद्रो गुप्तमगुप्तं वा द्वैजातं वर्णमावसन् । अगुप्तमङ्गसर्वस्वैर्गुप्तं सर्वेण हीयते ॥ ३७४ ॥

    A Sudra who has intercourse with a woman of a twice-born caste (varna), guarded or unguarded, (shall be punished in the following manner): if she was unguarded, he loses the part (offending) and all his property; if she was guarded, everything (even his life).

  5. 375

    वैश्यः सर्वस्वदण्डः स्यात् संवत्सरनिरोधतः । सहस्रं क्षत्रियो दण्ड्यो मौण्ड्यं मूत्रेण चार्हति ॥ ३७५ ॥

    (For intercourse with a guarded Brahmana a Vaisya shall forfeit all his property after imprisonment for a year; a Kshatriya shall be fined one thousand (panas) and be shaved with the urine (of an ass).