1. 241

    क्षेत्रेष्वन्येषु तु पशुः सपादं पणमर्हति । सर्वत्र तु सदो देयः क्षेत्रिकस्यैति धारणा ॥ २४१ ॥

    (For damage) in other fields (each head of) cattle shall (pay a fine of one (pana) and a quarter, and in all (cases the value of) the crop (destroyed) shall be made good to the owner of the field; that is the settled rule.

  2. 242

    अनिर्दशाहां गां सूतां वृषान् देवपशूंस्तथा । सपालान् वा विपालान् वा न दण्ड्यान् मनुरब्रवीत् ॥ २४२ ॥

    But Manu has declared that no fine shall be paid for (damage done by) a cow within ten days after her calving, by bulls and by cattle sacred to the gods, whether they are attended by a herdsman or not

  3. 243

    क्षेत्रियस्यात्यये दण्डो भागाद् दशगुणो भवेत् । ततोऽर्धदण्डो भृत्यानामज्ञानात् क्षेत्रिकस्य तु ॥ २४३ ॥

    If (the crops are destroyed by) the husbandman’s (own) fault, the fine shall amount to ten times as much as (the king’s) share; but the fine (shall be) only half that amount if (the fault lay) with the servants and the farmer had no knowledge of it.

  4. 244

    एतद् विधानमातिष्ठेद् धार्मिकः पृथिवीपतिः । स्वामिनां च पशूनां च पालानां च व्यतिक्रमे ॥ २४४ ॥

    To these rules a righteous king shall keep in (all cases of) transgressions by masters, their cattle, and herdsmen.

  5. 245

    सीमां प्रति समुत्पन्ने विवादे ग्रामयोर्द्वयोः । ज्येष्ठे मासि नयेत् सीमां सुप्रकाशेषु सेतुषु ॥ २४५ ॥

    If a dispute has arisen between two villages concerning a boundary, the king shall settle the limits in the month of Gyaishtha, when the landmarks are most distinctly visible.