1. 206

    सह वाऽपि व्रजेद् युक्तः सन्धिं कृत्वा प्रयत्नतः । मित्रं हिरण्यं भूमिं वा सम्पश्यंस्त्रिविधं फलम् ॥ २०६ ॥

    Or (the king, bent on conquest), considering a friend, gold, and land (to be) the triple result (of an expedition), may, using diligent care, make peace with (his foe) and return (to his realm).

  2. 207

    पार्ष्णिग्राहं च सम्प्रेक्ष्य तथाक्रन्दं च मण्डले । मित्रादथाप्यमित्राद् वा यात्राफलमवाप्नुयात् ॥ २०७ ॥

    Having paid due attention to any king in the circle (of neighbouring states) who might attack him in the rear, and to his supporter who opposes the latter, let (the conqueror) secure the fruit of the expedition from (the prince whom he attacks), whether (he may have become) friendly or (remained) hostile.

  3. 208

    हिरण्यभूमिसम्प्राप्त्या पार्थिवो न तथैधते । यथा मित्रं ध्रुवं लब्ध्वा कृशमप्यायतिक्षमम् ॥ २०८ ॥

    By gaining gold and land a king grows not so much in strength as by obtaining a firm friend, (who), though weak, (may become) powerful in the future.

  4. 209

    धर्मज्ञं च कृतज्ञं च तुष्टप्रकृतिमेव च । अनुरक्तं स्थिरारम्भं लघुमित्रं प्रशस्यते ॥ २०९ ॥

    A weak friend (even) is greatly commended, who is righteous (and) grateful, whose people are contented, who is attached and persevering in his undertakings.

  5. 210

    प्राज्ञं कुलीनं शूरं च दक्षं दातारमेव च । कृतज्ञं धृतिमन्तं च कष्टमाहुररिं बुधाः ॥ २१० ॥

    The wise declare him (to be) a most dangerous foe, who is wise, of noble race, brave, clever, liberal, grateful, and firm.