1. 81

    श्रोत्रिये तूपसम्पन्ने त्रिरात्रमशुचिर्भवेत् । मातुले पक्षिणीं रात्रिं शिष्यर्त्विग्बान्धवेषु च ॥ ८१ ॥

    For a Srotriya who resides with (him out of affection), a man shall be impure for three days; for a maternal uncle, a pupil, an officiating priest, or a maternal relative, for one night together with the preceding and following days.

  2. 82

    प्रेते राजनि सज्योतिर्यस्य स्याद् विषये स्थितः । अश्रोत्रिये त्वहः कृत्स्नमनूचाने तथा गुरौ ८२ ॥

    If the king in whose realm he resides is dead, (he shall be impure) as long as the light (of the sun or stars shines), but for (an intimate friend) who is not a Srotriya (the impurity lasts) for a whole day, likewise for a Guru who knows the Veda and the Angas.

  3. 83

    शुद्ध्येद् विप्रो दशाहेन द्वादशाहेन भूमिपः । वैश्यः पञ्चदशाहेन शूद्रो मासेन शुध्यति ॥ ८३ ॥

    A Brahmana shall be pure after ten days, a Kshatriya after twelve, a Vaisya after fifteen, and a Sudra is purified after a month.

  4. 84

    न वर्धयेदघाहानि प्रत्यूहेन्नाग्निषु क्रियाः । न च तत्कर्म कुर्वाणः सनाभ्योऽप्यशुचिर्भवेत् ॥ ८४ ॥

    Let him not (unnecessarily) lengthen the period of impurity, nor interrupt the rites to be performed with the sacred fires; for he who performs that (Agnihotra) rite will not be impure, though (he be) a (Sapinda) relative.

  5. 85

    दिवाकीर्तिमुदक्यां च पतितं सूतिकां तथा । शवं तत्स्पृष्टिनं चैव स्पृष्ट्वा स्नानेन शुध्यति ॥ ८५ ॥

    When he has touched a Kandala, a menstruating woman, an outcast, a woman in childbed, a corpse, or one who has touched a (corpse), he becomes pure by bathing.