1. 61

    न शूद्रराज्ये निवसेन्नाधार्मिकजनावृते । न पाषण्डिगणाक्रान्ते नोपस्षृटेऽन्त्यजैर्नृभिः ॥ ६१ ॥

    Let him not dwell in a country where the rulers are Sudras, nor in one which is surrounded by unrighteous men, nor in one which has become subject to heretics, nor in one swarming with men of the lowest castes.

  2. 62

    न भुञ्जीतोद्धृतस्नेहं नातिसौहित्यमाचरेत् । नातिप्रगे नातिसायं न सायं प्रातराशितः ॥ ६२ ॥

    Let him not eat anything from which the oil has been extracted; let him not be a glutton; let him not eat very early (in the morning), nor very late (in the evening), nor (take any food) in the evening, if he has eaten (his fill) in the morning.

  3. 63

    न कुर्वीत वृथाचेष्टां न वार्यञ्जलिना पिबेत् । नोत्सङ्गे भक्षयेद् भक्ष्यान्न जातु स्यात् कुतूहली ॥ ६३ ॥

    Let him not exert himself without a purpose; let him not drink water out of his joined palms; let him not eat food (placed) in his lap; let him not show (idle) curiosity.

  4. 64

    न नृत्येदथ वा गायेन्न वादित्राणि वादयेत् । नास्फोटयेन्न च क्ष्वेडेन्न च रक्तो विरावयेत् ॥ ६४ ॥

    Let him not dance, nor sing, nor play musical instruments, nor slap (his limbs), nor grind his teeth, nor let him make uncouth noises, though he be in a passion.

  5. 65

    न पादौ धावयेत् कांस्ये कदा चिदपि भाजने । न भिन्नभाण्डे भुञ्जीत न भावप्रतिदूषिते ॥ ६५ ॥

    Let him never wash his feet in a vessel of white brass; let him not eat out of a broken (earthen) dish, nor out of one that (to judge) from its appearance (is) defiled.