1. 206

    अश्लीकमेतत् साधूनां यत्र जुह्वत्यमी हविः । प्रतीपमेतद् देवानां तस्मात् तत् परिवर्जयेत् ॥ २०६ ॥

    When those persons offer sacrificial viands in the fire, it is unlucky for holy (men) it displeases the gods; let him therefore avoid it.

  2. 207

    मत्तक्रुद्धातुराणां च न भुञ्जीत कदा चन । केशकीटावपन्नं च पदा स्पृष्टं च कामतः ॥ २०७ ॥

    Let him never eat (food given) by intoxicated, angry, or sick (men), nor that in which hair or insects are found, nor what has been touched intentionally with the foot,

  3. 208

    भ्रूणघ्नावेक्षितं चैव संस्पृष्टं चाप्युदक्यया । पतत्रिणावलीढं च शुना संस्पृष्टमेव च ॥ २०८ ॥

    Nor that at which the slayer of a learned Brahmana has looked, nor that which has been touched by a menstruating woman, nor that which has been pecked at by birds or touched by a dog,

  4. 209

    गवा चान्नमुपघ्रातं घुष्टान्नं च विशेषतः । गणान्नं गणिकान्नं च विदुषा च जुगुप्सितम् ॥ २०९ ॥

    Nor food at which a cow has smelt, nor particularly that which has been offered by an invitation to all comers, nor that (given) by a multitude or by harlots, nor that which is declared to be had by a learned (man),

  5. 210

    स्तेनगायनयोश्चान्नं तक्ष्ह्णो वार्धुषिकस्य च । दीक्षितस्य कदर्यस्य बद्धस्य निगडस्य च ॥ २१० ॥

    Nor the food (given) by a thief, a musician, a carpenter, a usurer, one who has been initiated (for the performance of a Srauta sacrifice), a miser, one bound with fetters,