1. 196

    अधोदृष्टिर्नैष्कृतिकः स्वार्थसाधनतत्परः । शठो मिथ्याविनीतश्च बकव्रतचरो द्विजः ॥ १९६ ॥

    That Brahmana, who with downcast look, of a cruel disposition, is solely intent on attaining his own ends, dishonest and falsely gentle, is one who acts like a heron.

  2. 197

    ये बकव्रतिनो विप्रा ये च मार्जारलिङ्गिनः । ते पतन्त्यन्धतामिस्रे तेन पापेन कर्मणा ॥ १९७ ॥

    Those Brahmanas who act like herons, and those who display the characteristics of cats, fall in consequence of that wicked mode of acting into (the hell called) Andhatamisra.

  3. 198

    न धर्मस्यापदेशेन पापं कृत्वा व्रतं चरेत् । व्रतेन पापं प्रच्छाद्य कुर्वन् स्त्रीशूद्रदम्भनम् ॥ १९८ ॥

    When he has committed a sin, let him not perform a penance under the pretence (that the act is intended to gain) spiritual merit, (thus) hiding his sin under (the pretext of) a vow and deceiving women and Sudras.

  4. 199

    प्रेत्येह चेदृशा विप्रा गर्ह्यन्ते ब्रह्मवादिभिः । छद्मना चरितं यच्च व्रतं रक्षांसि गच्छति ॥ १९९ ॥

    Such Brahmanas are reprehended after death and in this (life) by those who expound the Veda, and a vow, performed under a false pretence, goes to the Rakshasas.

  5. 200

    अलिङ्गी लिङ्गिवेषेण यो वृत्तिमुपजीवति । स लिङ्गिनां हरत्येनस्तिर्यग्योनौ च जायते ॥ २०० ॥

    He who, without being a student, gains his livelihood by (wearing) the dress of a student, takes upon himself the guilt of (all) students and is born again in the womb of an animal.