1. 171

    न सीदन्नपि धर्मेण मनोऽधर्मे निवेशयेत् । अधार्मिकानां पापानामाशु पश्यन् विपर्ययम् ॥ १७१ ॥

    Let him, though suffering in consequence of his righteousness, never turn his heart to unrighteousness; for he will see the speedy overthrow of unrighteous, wicked men.

  2. 172

    नाधर्मश्चरितो लोके सद्यः फलति गौरिव । शनैरावर्त्यमानस्तु कर्तुर्मूलानि कृन्तति ॥ १७२ ॥

    Unrighteousness, practised in this world, does not at once produce its fruit, like a cow; but, advancing slowly, it cuts off the roots of him who committed it.

  3. 173

    यदि नात्मनि पुत्रेषु न चेत् पुत्रेषु नप्तृषु । न त्वेव तु कृतोऽधर्मः कर्तुर्भवति निष्फलः ॥ १७३ ॥

    If (the punishment falls) not on (the offender) himself, (it falls) on his sons, if not on the sons, (at least) on his grandsons; but an iniquity (once) committed, never fails to produce fruit to him who wrought it.

  4. 174

    अधर्मेणैधते तावत् ततो भद्राणि पश्यति । ततः सपत्नान् जयति समूलस्तु विनश्यति ॥ १७४ ॥

    He prospers for a while through unrighteousness, then he gains great good fortune, next he conquers his enemies, but (at last) he perishes (branch and) root.

  5. 175

    सत्यधर्मार्यवृत्तेषु शौचे चैवारमेत् सदा । शिष्यांश्च शिष्याद् धर्मेण वाच्।बाहूदरसंयतः ॥ १७५ ॥

    Let him always delight in truthfulness, (obedience to) the sacred law, conduct worthy of an Aryan, and purity; let him chastise his pupils according to the sacred law; let him keep his speech, his arms, and his belly under control.