1. 111

    यदि त्वतिथिधर्मेण क्षत्रियो गृहमाव्रजेत् । भुक्तवत्सु च विप्रेषु कामं तमपि भोजयेत् ॥ १११ ॥

    But if a Kshatriya comes to the house of a Brahmana in the manner of a guest, (the house-holder) may feed him according to his desire, after the above-mentioned Brahmanas have eaten.

  2. 112

    वैश्यशूद्रावपि प्राप्तौ कुटुम्बेऽतिथिधर्मिणौ । भोजयेत् सह भृत्यैस्तावानृशंस्यं प्रयोजयन् ॥ ११२ ॥

    Even a Vaisya and a Sudra who have approached his house in the manner of guests, he may allow to eat with his servants, showing (thereby) his compassionate disposition.

  3. 113

    इतरानपि सख्यादीन् सम्प्रीत्या गृहमागतान् । प्रकृत्यान्नं यथाशक्ति भोजयेत् सह भार्यया ॥ ११३ ॥

    Even to others, personal friends and so forth, who have come to his house out of affection, he may give food, garnished (with seasoning) according to his ability, (at the same time) with his wife.

  4. 114

    सुवासिनीः कुमारीश्च रोगिणो गर्भिणीः स्त्रियः । अतिथिभ्योऽग्र एवैतान् भोजयेदविचारयन् ॥ ११४ ॥

    Without hesitation he may give food, even before his guests, to the following persons, (viz.) to newly￾married women, to infants, to the sick, and to pregnant women.

  5. 115

    अदत्त्वा तु य एतेभ्यः पूर्वं भुङ्क्तेऽविचक्षणः । स भुञ्जानो न जानाति श्वगृध्रैर्जग्धिमात्मनः ॥ ११५ ॥

    But the foolish man who eats first without having given food to these (persons) does, while he crams, not know that (after death) he himself will be devoured by dogs and vultures.