1. 56

    वध्यांश्च हन्युः सततं यथाशास्त्रं नृपाज्ञया । वध्यवासांसि गृह्णीयुः शय्याश्चाभरणानि च ॥ ५६ ॥

    By the king’s order they shall always execute the criminals, in accordance with the law, and they shall take for themselves the clothes, the beds, and the ornaments of (such) criminals.

  2. 57

    वर्णापेतमविज्ञातं नरं कलुषयोनिजम् । आर्यरूपमिवानार्यं कर्मभिः स्वैर्विभावयेत् ॥ ५७ ॥

    A man of impure origin, who belongs not to any caste, (varna, but whose character is) not known, who, (though) not an Aryan, has the appearance of an Aryan, one may discover by his acts.

  3. 58

    अनार्यता निष्ठुरता क्रूरता निष्क्रियात्मता । पुरुषं व्यञ्जयन्तीह लोके कलुषयोनिजम् ॥ ५८ ॥

    Behaviour unworthy of an Aryan, harshness, cruelty, and habitual neglect of the prescribed duties betray in this world a man of impure origin.

  4. 59

    पित्र्यं वा भजते शीलं मातुर्वोभयमेव वा । न कथं चन दुर्योनिः प्रकृतिं स्वां नियच्छति ॥ ५९ ॥

    A base-born man either resembles in character his father, or his mother, or both; he can never conceal his real nature

  5. 60

    कुले मुख्येऽपि जातस्य यस्य स्याद् योनिसङ्करः । संश्रयत्येव तत्शीलं नरोऽल्पमपि वा बहु ॥ ६० ॥

    Even if a man, born in a great family, sprang from criminal intercourse, he will certainly possess the faults of his (father), be they small or great.