1. 1

    एवमुक्ता मुनिश्रेष्ठ मरुदं दुःखितो भृशं | अथ ध्यात्वा मुहूर्तं तु भगवानिदमब्रवीत् || ४-६२-१

    'When thus I spoke to the venerable sage in that manner roaring very painfully the divine sage replied after reflecting silently for a moment : - [4-62-1]

  2. 2

    पक्षौ तु ते प्रपक्षौ च पुनरन्यौभविष्यतः | प्राणाश्च चक्षुषी चैव विक्रमश्च बलं च ते || ४-६२-२

    - 'You will get new wings and feathers and also other parts. You will attain vision, life, prowess and strength. [4-62-2]

  3. 3

    पुराणे सुमहत्कार्यं भविष्यति मया श्रुतं | दृष्टं मे तपसा चैव श्रुत्वा च विदितं मम || ४-६२-३

    'I have foreseen with the power of my penance that a great task will be done by you. I have also heard about it in the Puranas and came to know of it. [4-62-3]

  4. 4

    राजा दशरथो नाम कश्चिदिक्ष्वाकुनन्दनः | तस्य पुत्रो महातेजा रामो नाम भविष्यति || ४-६२-४

    'Indeed in the Ikshvaku family there will be a king named Dasaratha. He will beget a brilliant son named Rama. [4-62-4]

  5. 5

    अरण्यं च सह र्भात्रा लक्ष्मणेनगमिष्यति | अस्मिन्नर्थे नियुक्त स्सन्पित्रा सत्यपराक्रमः || ४-६२-५

    'On account of the command of his father, Rama armed with the strength of truth will proceed to the forest with his brother Lakshmana. [4-62-5]