1. 31

    तपनीयगवाक्षाणि मुक्ताजालावृतानि च | हैमराजतभौमानि वैदूर्यमणिमन्ति च || ४-५०-३१

    - the golden windows fixed on the roof, shaped like cow's eye with lattices of pearls, and made of gold, silver and mud (earth) and decorated with precious gems including vaidurya,..... - [4-50-31]

  2. 32

    ददृशुस्तत्र हरयो गृहमुख्यानि सर्वशः | पुष्पितान्फलिनो वृक्षान्प्रवाळमणिसन्निभान् || ४-५०-३२

    - best of houses were seen all over there by the vanaras. They saw trees bright like corals in full bloom and ripe fruits. [4-50-32]

  3. 33

    काञ्चनभ्रमरांश्चैव मधूनि च समन्ततः | मणिकाञ्चनचित्राणि शयनान्यासनानि च || ४-५०-३३

    Golden bees were found hovering around making all kinds of honey. Decorated beautifully with gems and gold, a rich collections of beds, couches and..... - [4-50-33]

  4. 34

    महार्हाणि चयानानि ददृशुस्ते समन्ततः | हैमराजतकांस्यानां भाजनानां च संञ्चयान् || ४-५०-३४

    - and highly valuable vehicles were seen all over by them. They also saw a large collection of shining utensils made of gold, silver and bronze. [4-50-34]

  5. 35

    अगरूणां च दिव्यानां चन्दनानां च संञ्चायान् | शुचीन्यभ्यवहार्याणि मूलानि च फलानि च || ४-५०-३५

    There they noticed a wonderful collection of incense and sandal, tasty and pure eatables, roots and fruits. [4-50-35]