1. 1

    दर्शनार्थं तु वैदेह्यास्सर्वतः कपियूधपाः | व्यादिष्टाः कपिराजेन यथोक्तं जग्मुरञ्जसा || ४-४७-१

    The leaders of vanara troops went fast in all directions to look for Vaidehi following the instructions of the king of vanaras. [4-47-1]

  2. 2

    सरांसि सरित काक्षानाकाशं नगराणि च | नदीदुर्गांस्तथा शैलान्विचिन्वन्ति समन्ततः || ४-४७-२

    They went looking everywhere in the tanks, in the bottom of rivers, in towns, in the sky and similarly in inaccessible rivers, mountains, and forts surrounded by rivers. [4-47-2]

  3. 3

    सुग्रीवेण समाख्यातास्सर्वे वानरयूथपाः | प्रदेशान्प्रविचिन्वन्ति सशैलवनकाननान् || ४-४७-३

    The troop leaders of the monkeys instructed by Sugriva searched in all places including mountains and forests. [4-47-3]

  4. 4

    विचित्य दिवसं सर्वे सीताधिगमने धृताः | समायान्ति स्म मेदिन्यां निशाकालेषु वानराः || ४-४७-४

    The monkeys used to search for Sita all day determinedly and at night assemble at one place. [4-47-4]

  5. 5

    सर्वर्तुकमान् देशेषु वानारास्सफलद्रुमान् | आसाद्य रजनीं शय्यां चक्रुस्सर्वेष्वहस्सु ते || ४-४७-५

    The monkeys would search all day and by night reach for rest the branches of the trees that bear fruits in all seasons. [4-47-5]