1. 21

    चित्रनानानगः श्रीमान्महेन्द्र: पर्वतोत्तमः | जातरूपमयः श्रीमानवगाढो महार्णवम् || ४-४१-२१

    - a glorious golden mountain Mahendra, best of mountains. Filled with colourful trees, it stretches into the great sea. [4-41-21]

  2. 22

    नानाविधैर्नगै स्सर्वैलताभिश्चोपशोभितम् | देवर्षियक्षप्रवरैरप्सरोभिश्च सेवितम् || ४-४१-२२

    'That mountain is delightful with several kinds of colourful trees and vines is frequented by gods, sages and also with celestial nymphs,..... - [4-41-22]

  3. 23

    सिद्धचारणसङ्घैश्च प्रकीर्णं समनोरमम् | तमुपैति सहस्राक्षः सदा पर्वसु पर्वसु || ४-४१-२३

    - and prominent yakshas like siddhas and charanas. It is exceedingly delightful and even the thousandeyed Indra keeps visiting this place on full and new Moon days. [4-41-23]

  4. 24

    द्वीपस्तस्यापरे पारे शतयोजनमायतः | अगम्यो मानुषैर्दीप्तस्तं मार्गध्वं समन्ततः || ४-४१-२४

    'Beyond this, on the other side of the sea stretching over an area of a hundred yojanas is an island difficult to reach for humans. Which you may explore. [4-41-24]

  5. 25

    तत्र सर्वात्मना सीता मार्गितव्या विशेषतः | स हि देशस्तु वध्यस्य रावणस्य दुरात्मनः || ४-४१-२५

    You all should search Sita specially there in that region. The evil-minded, who deserves to be killed, Ravana..... - [4-41-25]