1. 26

    कर्णप्रावरणाश्चैव तथा चाप्योष्ठकर्णकाः | घोरलोहमुखाश्चैव जवनाश्चैकपादकाः || ४-४०-२६

    There are innumerable inhabitants, such as strong cannibals, some who cover their ears, some who have ears extended up to the lips, some with dreadful metallic faces, some swift moving, one-footed..... - [4-40-26]

  2. 27

    अक्षया बलवन्तश्च पुरुषाः पुरुषादकाः | किराताः कर्ण चूडाश्च हेमाङ्गा: प्रियदर्शनाः || ४-४०-२७

    - indestructible beings. There are Kirata tribes of golden complexion and handsome looks whose tuft of hair is set to the sides so that it touches their ears. [4-40-27]

  3. 28

    आममीनाशनास्तत्र किराता द्वीपवासिनः | अन्तर्जलचरा घोरा नरव्याघ्रा इति शृताः || ४-४०-२८

    These Kiratas are Island-dwellers and they eat uncooked fish. They move in waters and are fierce, known as tiger-like men (Naravyagras because half of their body is human and other half is tiger in form). [4-40-28]

  4. 29

    एतेषामाश्रयास्सर्वे विचेयाः कावनौकसः | गिरिभिर्ये च गम्यन्ते प्लवनेन प्लवेन च || ४-४०-२९

    All the shelters of these forest-dwellers should be searched well. Those who can be sent by crossing mountains, those who can leap (in air) and those who can swim through waters may be also dispatched. [4-40-29]

  5. 30

    रत्नवन्तं यवद्वीपं सप्तराज्योपशोभितम् | सुवर्णरूप्यकं चैव सुवर्णाकरमण्डितम् || ४-४०-३०

    'Go beyond Java island filled with precious gems. It has seven kingdoms. It is adorned with gold and silver mines in abundance. [4-40-30]