1. 11

    ज्ञायतां मम वैदेही यदि जीवति वा न वा | स च देशो महाप्राज्ञ यस्मिन्वसति रावणः || ४-४०-११

    - 'O wise warrior I wish to know whether Vaidehi is alive or not. Let the kingdom of Ravana be found out. [4-40-11]

  2. 12

    अधिगम्य तु वैदेहीं निलयं रावणस्य च | प्राप्तकालं विधास्यामि तस्मिन्काले सह त्वया || ४-४०-१२

    'On locating Vaidehi in the kingdom of Ravana I shall take up proper course of action in conjunction with you. [4-40-12]

  3. 13

    नाहमस्मिन् प्रभुः कार्ये वानरेश न लक्ष्मणः | त्वमस्य हेतुः कार्यस्य प्रभुश्च प्लवगेश्वर || ४-४०-१३

    'O lord of monkeys neither I nor my brother Lakshmana should command the monkeys. You are the right person to do it. [4-40-13]

  4. 14

    त्वमेवाऽज्ञापय विभो मम कार्यविनिश्चयम् | त्वं हि जानासि यत्कार्यं मम वीर न संशयः || ४-४०-१४

    'O king you have understood the task to be performed and, therefore, issue orders without the least hesitation. [4-40-14]

  5. 15

    सुहृद्वितीयो विक्रान्तः प्राज्ञः कालविशेषवित् | भवानस्मध्दिते युक्त स्सुकृतार्थोऽर्थवित्तमः || ४-४०-१५

    'You are my second friend (Lakshmana being the first). You are valiant as well as wise. You are aware of timely action. You are interested in my wellbeing. You are capable. You know my purpose. You are a startegic planner'. (The present purpose is to plan the course of action. That is artha. Sugriva knows this artha very well). [4-40-15]