1. 16

    धर्मज्ञस्य कृतज्ञस्य सङ्ग्रामेष्वनिवर्तिनः | उपपन्नं च युक्तं च सुग्रीव तव भाषितम् || ४-३६-१६

    'O Sugriva you know dharma. You are grateful and will not turn back from the battle. So your words are true and befitting. [4-36-16]

  2. 17

    दोषज्ञस्सति सामर्थ्ये कोऽन्यो भाषितुमर्हति | वर्जयित्वा मम ज्येष्ठं त्वां च वानरसत्तम || ४-३६-१७

    'O best of monkeys barring you and my elder brother, who else would be capable of speaking this way about themselves even when you are aware of other's faults? [4-36-17]

  3. 18

    सदृशश्चासि रामस्य विक्रमेण बलेन च | सहायो दैवतैर्दत्तश्चिराय हरिपुङ्गव || ४-३६-१८

    'You who are equal to Rama in valour and strength, will continue to be the gift of gods to us for long. [4-36-18]

  4. 19

    किं तु शीघ्रमितो वीर निष्क्रम त्वं मया सह | सान्त्वयस्व वयस्यं च त्वं भार्याहरणकर्शितम् || ४-३६-१९

    'Nevertheless I want you to proceed from here with me at once and reassure your friend who is aggrieved due to the abduction of his wife. [4-36-19]

  5. 20

    यच्च शोकाभिभूतस्य श्रुत्वा रामस्य भाषितम् | मया त्वं परुषाण्युक्तस्तच्चत्वं क्षन्तु मर्हसि || ४-३६-२०

    After hearing grief-stricken Rama's words, I have said harsh words towards you, forgive me for that. [4-36-20]