1. 6

    सुदुःखं शयितः पूर्वं प्राप्येदं सुखमुत्तमम् | प्राप्तकालं न जानीते विश्वामित्रो यथा मुनिः || ४-३५-६

    'Sleep did not come to him in deep distress in the past, and now that great happiness has come, he does not realize that it is time to act (search for Sita). He behaves like sage Vishvamitra. [4-35-6]

  2. 7

    घृताच्यां किल संसक्तो दशवर्षाणि लक्ष्मण | अहोऽमन्यत धर्मात्मा विश्वामित्रो महामुनिः || ४-३५-७

    'O Lakshmana great sage Vishvamitra was in union with an apsara Gritachi for ten years and felt it was just one day indeed. [4-35-7]

  3. 8

    स हि प्राप्तं न जानीते कालं कालविदां वरः | विश्वामित्रो महातेजाः किं पुनर्यः पृथग्जनः || ४-३५-८

    'If the brilliant and the most distinguished of those who knew the value of time did not realise the passing of time, what can be said of an ordinary person? [4-35-8]

  4. 9

    देहधर्मं गतस्यास्य परिश्रान्तस्य लक्ष्मण | अवितृप्तस्य कामेषु कामं क्षन्तुमिहार्हसि || ४-३५-९

    'O Lakshmana you should pardon him since he is not yet satisfied, though tired, with the struggle for the fulfilment of his sensual pleasures. [4-35-9]

  5. 10

    न च रोषवशं तात गन्तुमर्हसि लक्ष्मण | निश्चयार्थमविज्ञाय सहसा प्राकृतो यथा || ४-३५-१०

    'O dear Lakshmana not knowing the true intention of Sugriva, it is not proper for you to be rashly angry like an ordinary man. [4-35-10]