1. 6

    मन्दमारुत निश्वासं सन्ध्याचन्दनरञ्जितम् | आपाण्डुजलदं भाति कामातुरमिवाम्बरम् || ४-२८-६

    'The sky with its gentle winds as its sighs, its ash coloured clouds (suggestive of a pale face) painted with red sandalpaste in the form of glow of twilight appears like a passionate lover. [4-28-6]

  2. 7

    एषा घर्मपरिक्लिष्टा नववारिपरिप्लुता | सीतेव शोकसन्तप्ता मही बाष्पं विमुञ्चति || ४-२८-७

    'This earth scorched by the heat and then flooded with fresh rain water, radiating heat, appears like my Sita shedding tears burning with grief. [4-28-7]

  3. 8

    मेघोदरविनिर्मुक्ताः कह्लारसुखशीतलाः | शक्यमञ्जलिभिः पातुं वाताः केतकिगन्धिनः || ४-२८-८

    'The winds released from the wombs of clouds, cool as the delicate touch of white lotuses, charged with the fragrance of ketaka flowers can be inhaled through the hollow of one's palms. [4-28-8]

  4. 9

    एष फुल्लार्जुनश्शैलः केतकैरधिवासितः | सुग्रीव इव शान्तारिर्धाराभिरभिषिच्यते || ४-२८-९

    'This mountain scented by the fragrance of arjuna and ketaka flowers is bathed in rain water just as Sugriva, tranquilled by the destruction of the enemy is consecrated in streams of (sacred) waters. [4-28-9]

  5. 10

    मेघकृष्णाजिनधरा: धारायज्ञोपवीतिनः | मारुतापूरितगुहाः प्राधीता इव पर्वताः || ४-२८-१०

    'The mountains are covered with dark clouds which appear like the hide of the antelope. Streams of rain water flowing are like the sacred threads hanging down the shoulder and the sounds of wind filling the caves resemble the recitation of Vedas by priests. (These mountains are comparable to the brahmacharins engaged in the recitation of Vedas wearing antelope skin and sacred threads). [4-28-10]