1. 16

    शरेण हृदि लग्नेन गात्रसंस्पर्शने तव | वार्यामि त्वां निरीक्षन्ती त्वयि पञ्चत्वमागते || ४-२३-१६

    'The arrow which has pierced your body prevents me from embracing you. I am only looking at you lying ( not removing the arrow lest you die ).' [4-23-16]

  2. 17

    उद्ववर्ह शरं नीलस्तस्य गात्रगतं तदा | गिरिगह्वरसंलीनं दीप्तमाशीविषं यथा || ४-२३-१७

    Then Nila took out the arrow from Vali's heart with due effort as one would pull out a glowing serpent hidden in the mountain cave. [4-23-17]

  3. 18

    तस्य निष्कृष्यमाणस्य बाणस्य च बभौ द्युतिः | अस्तमस्तकसंरुद्धो रश्मिर्दिनकरादिव || ४-२३-१८

    As the arrrow ( drenched in blood ) was being pulled out, its glow looked like the Sun's rays obstructed by the peak of the western mountain. [4-23-18]

  4. 19

    पेतुः क्षतजधारास्तु व्रणेभ्यस्तस्य सर्वशः | ताम्रगैरिकसम्पृक्ता धारा इव धराधरात् || ४-२३-१९

    The streams of blood that flowed all over from the wounds of his body appeared like streams of water mixed with red and copper colour flowing from a mountain. [4-23-19]

  5. 20

    अवकीर्णं विमार्जन्ती भर्तारं रणरेणुना | अस्रैर्नयनजैश्शूरं सिषेचास्त्रसमाहतम् || ४-२३-२०

    She (Tara) wiped the body wounded with the weapon and covered with wardust, sprinkling her tear drops from her eyes. [4-23-20]