1. 26

    सुग्रीवेण च मे सख्यं लक्ष्मणेन यथा तथा | दारराज्यनिमित्तं च निःश्रेयसि रत स्स मे || ४-१८-२६

    - 'My friendship with Sugriva is as strong as that with Lakshmana. Its motive is the recovery of his wife and sovereignty. [4-18-26]

  2. 27

    प्रतिज्ञा च मया दत्ता तदा वानरसन्निधौ | प्रतिज्ञा च कथं शक्या मद्विधेनानवेक्षितुम् || ४-१८-२७

    'I have promised this to him in the presence of monkeys. How can a pledge remain unhonoured by a person like me? How is it possible? [4-18-27]

  3. 28

    तदेभिः कारणैस्सर्वैर्महद्भिर्धर्मसंहितैः | शासनं तप यद्युक्तं तद्भवाननुमन्यताम् || ४-१८-२८

    'Knowing all these reasons ( many violations of dharma ), it is proper for you as a king to approve of the punishment accorded to you in consonance with dharma. [4-18-28]

  4. 29

    सर्वथा धर्म इत्येव द्रष्टव्यस्तव निग्रहः | वयस्यस्योपकर्तव्यं धर्ममेवानुपश्यतः || ४-१८-२९

    'Punishment given to you should be viewed as a right course of action in all respects. This is the duty of a trustworthy friend who follows dharma. [4-18-29]

  5. 30

    शक्यं त्वयाऽपि तत्कार्यं धर्ममेवानुपश्यता | श्रूयते मनुना गीतौ श्लोकौ चारित्रवत्सलौ | गृहीतौ धर्मकुशलैस्तत्तथा चरितं हरे || ४-१८-३०

    'You should also have acted in that manner considering dharma. Now listen to what Manu said, in two verses that hold good traditions dear which are accepted by men wellversed in dharma. O monkey the action taken by me is in conformity with this. [4-18-30]