1. 11

    ते वयं धर्मविभ्रष्टं स्वधर्मे परमे स्थिताः | भरताज्ञां पुरस्कृत्य निगृह्णीमो यथाविधि || ४-१८-११

    'By the command of Bharata ,all of us are devoted to our duty of upholding dharma and virtue and duly punish those who deviate from the path of dharma. [4-18-11]

  2. 12

    त्वं तु संक्लिष्टधर्मा च कर्मणा च विगर्हितः | कामतन्त्रप्रधानश्च न स्थितो राजवर्त्मनि || ४-१८-१२

    'You have violated dharma. You stand condemned for your actions. Passion is your priority. You have strayed from the right path of kings. [4-18-12]

  3. 13

    ज्येष्ठो भ्राता पिता चैव यश्च विद्यां प्रयच्छति | त्रयस्ते पितरो ज्ञेया धर्म्ये च पथि वर्तिनः || ४-१८-१३

    'It is to be known by him who treads the way of righteousness that he has three fatherly personages, namely his own father, his elder brother, and the one who accords education to him. [4-18-13]

  4. 14

    यवीयानात्मनः पुत्रशशिष्यश्चापि गुणोदितः | पुत्रवत्ते त्रयश्चिन्त्या धर्मश्चेदत्रकारणम् || ४-१८-१४

    'An younger brother, a son, and a disciple with good characteristics, these three are to be deemed as one's own sons, for such matters take base on rectitude alone. [4-18-14]

  5. 15

    सूक्ष्मः परमदुरजेयस्सतां धर्मः प्लवङ्गम | हृदिस्थस्सर्वभूतानामात्मा वेद शुभाशुभम् || ४-१८-१५

    'O monkey dharma is very subtle. It is extremely difficult to understand. Installed in the hearts of all living beings the self knows good and evil (soul is the witness of good and evil). [4-18-15]