1. 41

    मम त्वयं विना वासः पुष्पमासे सुदुस्सहः | पश्य लक्ष्मण संरागः तिर्यग्योनिगतेष्वपि | यदेषा शिखिनी कामाद्भर्तारं रमतेऽन्तिके || ४-१-४१

    It is extremely unbearable for me to stay in the forest during this season of flowers (Spring). Look at the passion even among beasts and birds, O Lakshmana. And craving for love, the peahen sports near her mate. [4-1-41]

  2. 42

    मामप्येवं विशालाक्षी जानकी जातसम्भ्रमा | मदनेनाभिवर्तेत यदि नाऽपहृता भवेत् || ४-१-४२

    Had the large-eyed Janaki not been stolen, she would have also paid advances to me in this manner with all her love and excitement. [4-1-42]

  3. 43

    पश्य लक्ष्मण पुष्पाणि निष्फलानि भवन्ति मे | पुष्पभारसमृद्धानां वनानां शिशिरात्यये || ४-१-४३

    See Lakshmana, while these forests are abundantly weighty with flowers in wintry season these flowers are becoming futile to me. [4-1-43]

  4. 44

    रुचिराण्यपि पुष्पाणि पादपानामतिश्रिया | निष्फलानि महीं यान्ति समं मधुकरोत्करैः || ४-१-४४

    The trees look enchanting with flowers in full bloom, with bees hovering over them. But the flowers fruitlessly drop down on the ground. [4-1-44]

  5. 45

    नदन्ति कामं शकुना मुदितास्सङ्घशः कलम् | आह्वयन्त इवान्योन्यं कामोन्मादकरा मम || ४-१-४५

    These blithesome birds appear to be inviting each other in mutual consent, and they are melodious calling as they like, and this is causing love madness in me. [4-1-45]