1. 21

    उक्तवाक्यं तु राजानं सर्वलोकपितामहः | प्रत्युवाच शुभां वाणीं मधुरं मधुराक्षराम् || १-४२-२१

    To this the forefather ( Brahma ) of all the worlds replied with a sweet voice full of good wishes and sweet words. [1-42-21]

  2. 22

    मनोरथो महानेष भगीरथ महारथ | एवं भवतु भद्रं ते इक्ष्वाकुकुलवर्धन || १-४२-२२

    'Oh ! Great charioteer Bhageeratha, this aspiration of yours is sublime, and oh ! the furtherer of Ikshvaku dynasty, so be it, let safeness betide you'. [1-42-22]

  3. 23

    इयं हैमवती ज्येष्ठा गंगा हिमवतः सुता | तां वै धारयितुं राजन् हरस्तत्र नियुज्यताम् || १-४२-२३

    'This Hymavati (Ganga) is Himavanta's eldest daughter and only lord Siva is capable to hold (the force of her descent to earth). Therefore let Siva be entreated'. [1-42-23]

  4. 24

    गंगायाः पतनं राजन् पृथिवी न सहिष्यते | तां वै धारयितुं राजन् नान्यं पश्यामि शूलिनः || १-४२-२४

    'Oh ! King, Ganga's descent cannot be sustained by earth. O Hero I do not see any other person to hold her than the wielder of the trident (lord Shiva)'. [1-42-24]

  5. 25

    तमेवमुक्त्वा राजानं गङ्गां चाभाष्य लोककृत् | जगाम त्रिदिवं देवैः सह सर्वैर्मरुद्गणैः || १-४२-२५

    'Speaking this way to the king Bhageeratha and informally greeting Ganga also, the Creator of Worlds ( Brahma ) left for heaven along with all the groups of gods and Wind-gods." Thus Vishvamitra continued narration about the arrival of River Ganga to earth. [1-42-25]