1. 6

    क्षान्तं क्षमावतां पुत्र्यः कर्तव्यं सुमहत्कृतम् | ऐकमत्यमुपागम्य कुलं चावेक्षितं मम || १-३३-६

    - 'Forgiving is the duty of imperturbable and you have done it. Excellent. Oh, daughters, coursing through your unity my family's prestige is also kept up. - [1-33-6]

  2. 7

    अलंकारो हि नारीणां क्षमा तु पुरुषस्य वा | दुष्करं तच्च वै क्षान्तं त्रिदशेषु विशेषतः || १-३३-७

    - 'Forgiveness is an adornment to women, as a matter of fact, even for men, and this matter called 'forgiving' that which is there, it is an impracticable affair ( especially for capable in all respect). That too, in respect of divinities. - [1-33-7]

  3. 8

    यादृशी वः क्षमा पुत्र्यः सर्वासामविशेषतः | क्षमा दानं क्षमा सत्यं क्षमा यज्ञश्च पुत्रिकाः || १-३३-८

    - For you, daughters, to show it without any difference of opinion is further laudable. Oh ! daughters, Forbearance is charity, forbearance is sacrifice, forbearance is truth,..... - [1-33-8]

  4. 9

    क्षमा यशः क्षमा धर्मः क्षमायां विष्ठितं जगत् | विसृज्य कन्याः काकुत्स्थ राजा त्रिदशविक्रमः || १-३३-९

    - forbearance is glory and forbearance is virtue, the universe is supported by forbearance. Oh ! Rama ( kaakutstha ), after sending away his daughters, the king endowed with the power of the celestials..... - [11-33-9]

  5. 10

    मंत्रज्ञो मंत्रयामास प्रदानं सह मंत्रिभिः | देशे काले च कर्तव्यं सदृशे प्रतिपादनम् || १-३३-१०

    - and wellversed in the art of counselling, consulted his ministers about a suitable person for marriage of his daughters at proper time and place. ( as to how his daughters are to be espoused to, to which country they are to be sent, at which time marriage shall happen, and to which matching bridegroom the marriage is to be proposed, and so on ) [1-33-10]