1. 11

    कुशनाभस्तु राजर्षिः कन्याशतमनुत्तमम् | जनयामास धर्मात्मा घृताच्यां रघुनंदन || १-३२-११

    O scion of the Raghu family, The virtue-souled kingly saint Kushanaabha gave birth to a hundred daughters with unexcelled beauty through a celestial female called Ghritaachi. - [1-32-11]

  2. 12

    तास्तु यौवनशालिन्यो रूपवत्यः स्वलंकृताः | उद्यानभूमिमागम्य प्रावृषीव शतह्रदाः || १-३२-१२

    - Those girls when attained youthfulness, they were welladorned, beautiful and they have gone to pleasure-garden, looked moving like a lightning with a hundred streaks during rainy season,..... - [1-32-12]

  3. 13

    गायन्त्यो नृत्यमानाश्च वादयन्त्यश्च राघव | आमोदं परमं जग्मुर्वराभरणभूषिताः || १-३२-१३

    - Bedecked with fine ornaments they were singing, dancing, playing on instruments and moving in all directions in great delight. - [1-32-13]

  4. 14

    अथ ताश्चारुसर्वांग्यो रूपेणाप्रतिमा भुवि | उद्यानभूमिमागम्य तारा इव घनान्तरे || १-३२-१४

    - On their coming to parklands those girls whose all limbs were pretty and whose looks were unparalleled on earth, they looked like stars amid clouds within the cloudy thickets of garden bushes. - [1-32-14]

  5. 15

    ताः सर्वगुणसंपन्ना रूपयौवनसंयुताः | दृष्ट्वा सर्वात्मको वायुरिदं वचनमब्रवीत् || १-३२-१५

    - At the sight of the maidens embellished with all virtues and youth and beauty, the all pervading Air-god, Vayu, spoke this word to them :..... - [1-32-15]