1. 21

    विष्णुना च पुरा राम भृगुपत्नी पतिव्रता | अनिन्द्रं लोकमिच्छन्ती काव्यमाता निषूदिता || १-२५-२१

    - And Rama, once Vishnu wiped out even the wife of sage Bhrigu and sage Shukracarya's mother when she wished the world to become one without a governing factor, namely Indra. - [1-25-21]

  2. 22

    एतैरन्यैश्च बहुभी राजपुत्रैर्महात्मभिः | अधर्मसहिता नार्यो हताः पुरुषसत्तमैः | तस्मादेनां घृणां त्यक्त्वा जहि मच्छासनान्नृप || १-२५-२२

    - Oh ! Prince by these magnanimous persons and by great men several unrighteous women were killed for the common good. Hence, oh ! Rama, the protector of people, by my decree you leave off compassion and eliminate her." [1-25-22]