1. 26

    बलं नागसहस्रस्य धारयन्ती तदा ह्यभूत् | ताटका नाम भद्रं ते भार्या सुन्दस्य धीमतः || १-२४-२६

    -by name Tataka, wife of intelligent Sunda, possessed of the strength of a thousand elephants.....- [1-24-26]

  2. 27

    मारीचो राक्षसः पुत्रो यस्याः शक्रपराक्रमः | वृत्तबाहुर्महाशीर्षो विपुलास्यतनुर्महान् || १-२४-२७

    - and mother of a rakshasa known as Maricha armed with the power of Indra took possession of this place. The arms (of Maricha) are round and strong. He is highly energetic. He has a large face and a huge body. - [1-24-27]

  3. 28

    राक्षसो भैरवाकारो नित्यं त्रासयते प्रजाः | इमौ जनपदौ नित्यं विनाशयति राघव || १-२४-२८

    - In appearance, he is gigantic and possesses a dreadful form. That rakshasa always threatened the inhabitants. Oh ! Rama these inhabitations are always get destroyed at regular intervals.....- [1-24-28]

  4. 29

    मलदांश्च करूषांश्च ताटका दुष्टचारिणी | सेयं पन्थानमावृत्य वसत्यध्यर्धयोजने || १-२४-२९

    - by that malevolent Tataka at Malada and Karusha. Tataka lives at a distance of one and a half yojanas from here obstructing the path. for that reason only a headway is to be made, to eradicate her and her activities. - [1-24-29]

  5. 30

    अतैव च गन्तव्यं ताटकाया वनं यतः | स्वबाहुबलमाश्रित्य जहीमां दुष्टचारिणीम् || १-२४-३०

    - Since Tataka dwells in this forest, no one comes here (because of fears). Depending upon the strength of your own self-confidence you have to eradicate this evildoer,.....- [1-24-30]