1. 41

    तस्य बुद्धिरियं जाता महर्षेर्भावितात्मनः | कृत्स्नं रामायणं काव्यमीदृशैः करवाण्यहम् || १-२-४१

    A thought occurred to Valmiki, who is capable of putting thoughts into action "I shall compose the epic named Ramayana entirely in this metre". [1-2-41]

  2. 42

    उदारवृत्तार्थपदैर्मनोरमैः तदास्य रामस्य चकार कीर्तिमान् | समाक्षरैः श्लोकशतैर्यशस्विनो यशस्करं काव्यमुदारधीर्मुनिः || १-२-४२

    The renowned and sagacious sage composed a kavya with hundreds of charming verses, each containing equal number of syllables and excellent meaningful words set in metre, conferring glory on celebrated Rama. [1-2-42]

  3. 43

    तदुपगतसमाससन्धियोगं सममधुरोपनतार्थवाक्यबद्धम् | रघुवरचरितं मुनिप्रणीतं दशशिरसश्च वधं निशामयध्वम् || १-२-४३

    That epic contains uncomplicated compounds, conjunctions and conjugations, and has expressive sentences that are well knit and led evenly and sweetly, and that legend pertains to the best one from Raghu's dynasty, namely Rama, which also includes the extermination of the Ten headed evil named Ravana, and further, it is said by the sage, hence this may now be listened. [1-2-43]