1. 31

    मच्छन्दादेव ते ब्रह्मन् प्रवृत्तेयं सरस्वती | रामस्य चरितं सर्वं कुरु त्वमृषिसत्तम || १-२-३१

    "O Brahmarshi, at my will, this speech had originated from you. Most excellent ascetic, compose the history of Rama in its entirety (in this metre). [1-2-31]

  2. 32

    धर्मात्मनो गुणवतो लोके रामस्य धीमतः | वृत्तं कथय धीरस्य यथा ते नारदाच्छ्रुतम् || १-२-३२

    "You shall narrate the legend of Rama, the virtuous, intellectual and an intrepid one, and a godlike person in this world as well, as you have heard it from sage Narada. [1-2-32]

  3. 33

    रहस्यं च प्रकाशं च यद् वृत्तं तस्य धीमतः | रामस्य सहसौमित्रे राक्षसानां च सर्वशः || १-२-३३

    The adventures of valorous Rama along with Lakshmana, and the misadventures of demons, known or unknown in every detail,- [1-2-33]

  4. 34

    वैदेह्याश्चापि यद् वृत्तं प्रकाशं यदि वा रहः | तच्चाप्यविदितं सर्वं विदितं ते भविष्यति || १-२-३४

    -and even the plight of Vaidehi which is either revealed or un-revealed so far, and whatever legend that has happened, all that will also be known to you, even if it were to be unknown, as yet. [1-2-34]

  5. 35

    न ते वागनृता काव्ये काचिदत्र भविष्यति | कुरु रामकथां पुण्यां श्लोकबद्धां मनोरमाम् || १-२-३५

    Not even a single word of yours in this epic will ever prove untruthful. Compose this sacred, delightful story of Rama, set in the form of slokas. [1-2-35]