1. 21

    नाषडङ्गविदत्रासीत् नाव्रतो नाबहुश्रुतः | सदस्यास्तस्य वै राज्ञो नावादकुशला द्विजाः || १-१४-२१

    Here (in this sacrificial pavillion), there was none who was not versed in six Vedangas, not true to vows, not learned in many sastras nor adept in discussions (on sastras). [1-14-21]

  2. 22

    प्राप्ते यूपोच्छ्रये तस्मिन् षड्बैल्वाः खादिरास्तथा | तावन्तो बिल्वसहिताः पर्णिनश्च तथापरे || १-१४-२२

    When the time came to stake wooden ritual posts, six posts of bilwa wood, six posts of khadira wood, and further the same number of posts of parnina wood are staked. [1-14-22]

  3. 23

    श्लेष्मातकमयो दिष्टो देवदारुमयस्तथा | द्वावेव तत्र विहितौ बाहुव्यस्तपरिग्रहौ || १-१४-२३

    One post of sleshmaataka wood and two of devadaaru wood as stipulated are staked. Then the distance between each post is maintained at the length of extended arms. [1-14-23]

  4. 24

    कारिताः सर्व एवैते शास्त्रज्ञैर्यज्ञकोविदैः | शोभार्थं तस्य यज्ञस्य कांचनालंकृताभवन् || १-१४-२४

    All these posts were prepared by knowers of sastras and by those wellversed in the performance of sacrifices. They were decorated with gold to add elegance to the sacrifice. [1-14-24]

  5. 25

    एकविंशतियूपास्ते एकविंशत्यरत्नयः | वासोभिरेकविंशद्भिरेकैकं समलंकृताः || १-१४-२५

    These twentyone sacrificial posts, each measuring twentyone 'aratni' height (distance from elbow to the tip of little finger), were welldecorated wrapped in a piece of cloth. [1-14-25]