1. 36

    उपयाता नरव्याघ्र राजानस्तव शासनात् | मयापि सत्कृताः सर्वे यथार्हं राजसत्तमाः || १-१३-३६

    "the kings from distant kingdoms have arrived at your behest, oh, tigerly-man, and these best kings are well honoured by me also as per their status. [1-13-36]

  2. 37

    यज्ञीयं च कृतं सर्वं पुरुषैः सुसमाहितैः | निर्यातु च भवान्यष्टुं यज्ञायतनमन्तिकात् || १-१३-३७

    "All the ritual works are also completed by the well coalescent men, thus you may start towards the ritual place that is nearby, to perform your ritual." Said Sage Vashishta to King Dasharatha. [1-13-37]

  3. 38

    सर्वकामैरुपहृतैरुपेतं वै समन्ततः | द्रष्टुमर्हसि राजेन्द्र मनसेव विनिर्मितम् || १-१३-३८

    "All the desirable paraphernalia is arranged and made available everywhere, and it is apt of you to see ritual hall that is as though built by your mere wish. [1-13-38]

  4. 39

    तथा वसिष्ठवचनादृष्यशृङ्गस्य चोभयोः | शुभे दिवसनक्षत्रे निर्यातो जगतीपतिः || १-१३-३९

    Thus, on a good day while the ruling star of the day is favourable, King Dasharatha came forth towards the ritual hall according to the advice of both the sages Vashishta and Rishyasringa. [1-13-39]

  5. 40

    ततो वसिष्ठप्रमुखाः सर्व एव द्विजोत्तमाः | ऋष्यशृङ्गं पुरस्कृत्य यज्ञकर्मारभंस्तदा || १-१३-४०

    Then Sage Vashishta and other eminent Brahmans keeping the Sage Rishyasringa ahead of them entered the ritual hall, to commence the ritual works thus. [1-13-40]