1. 6

    श्रुत्वा तथेति राजा च प्रत्युवाच पुरोहितम् | पुरोहितो मंत्रिणश्च तथा चक्रुश्च ते तदा || १-१०-६

    Hearing that the King replied the priest, "Let it be so..." and then the priests and ministers have carried out the plan that way... [1-10-6]

  2. 7

    वारमुख्यास्तु तच्छ्रुत्वा वनं प्रविविशुर्महत् | आश्रमस्याविदूरेऽस्मिन्यत्नं कुर्वन्ति दर्शने || १-१०-७

    On hearing that order of the king those best courtesans have entered that great forest, and they camped not very far from that hermitage,....- [1-10-7]

  3. 8

    ऋषेः पुत्रस्य धीरस्य नित्यमाश्रमवासिनः | पितुः स नित्यसंतुष्टो नातिचक्राम चाश्रमात् || १-१०-८

    - making all the trials for showing themselves off to a glance of that sage. He (Rishyasringa) was always content and never stirred out of his father's hermitage. [1-10-8]

  4. 9

    न तेन जन्मप्रभृति दृष्टपूर्वं तपस्विना | स्त्री वा पुमान्वा यच्चान्यत्सत्त्वं नगरराष्ट्रजम् || १-१०-९

    Absorbed in penance he had never seen a woman or a man nor any of the creatures born in towns or cities right from his birth. [1-10-9]

  5. 10

    ततः कदाचित्तं देशमाजगाम यदृच्छया | विभाण्डकसुतस्तत्र ताश्चापश्यद्वरांगनाः || १-१०-१०

    Then at one time Rishyasringa casually arrived at that place, and has seen those comely females. [1-10-10]