1. 16

    ऋषिपुत्रवचः श्रुत्वा सर्वासां मतिरास वै | तदाश्रमपदं द्रष्टुं जग्मुः सर्वास्ततोऽङ्गनाः || १-१०-१६

    On hearing the words of sage's son, all those courtesans are verily inclined to see the threshold of that hermitage, then all the women went to hermitage. [1-10-16]

  2. 17

    आगतानां तु ततः पूजां ऋषिपुत्रश्चकार ह | इदमर्घ्यमिदं पाद्यमिदं मूलं फलं च नः || १-१०-१७

    Thereafter the son of ascetic respectfully received the the strangers saying, "(Accept) our offerings, here is water for washing feet and here are roots and fruits". [1-10-17]

  3. 18

    प्रतिगृह्य तु तां पूजां सर्वा एव समुत्सुकाः | ऋषेर्भीताश्च शीघ्रं तु गमनाय मतिं दधुः || १-१०-१८

    The anxious courtesans received the offerings and afraid of the ascetic's (sage Vibhandaka) return, made up their minds to withdraw immediately. [1-10-18]

  4. 19

    अस्माकमपि मुख्यानि फलानीमानि वै द्विज | गृहाण विप्र भद्रं ते भक्षयस्व च मा चिरम् || १-१०-१९

    ''O brahmin, these are excellent fruits. May prosperity be to you. Accept them and eat them without delay.'' [1-10-19]

  5. 20

    ततस्तास्तं समालिंग्य सर्वा हर्षसमन्विताः | मोदकान्प्रददुस्तस्मै भक्ष्यांश्च विविधान् शुभान् || १-१०-२०

    Then all of the courtesans have embraced him and all of them with a kind of mirthfulness in the offing, presented sweet-balls and other varieties of best sweetmeats to him. [1-10-20]