1. 11

    सुषुवे यममित्रघ्नं कौसल्यानऽन्दवर्धनम् | भ्रात्रा सह सभार्यो यश्चिरं प्रव्राजितो वनम् || २-९०-११

    Rama, destroyer of enemies and enhancer of the delight of his mother Kausalya, has been banished to the forest for a long time along with his wife and brother. [2-90-11]

  2. 12

    नियुक्तः स्त्रीनियुक्तेन पित्रा योऽसौ महायशाः | वनवासी भवेतीह समाः किल चतुर्दश || २-९०-१२

    That illustrious one has been ordered by his father to live in the forest for fourteen years through the persuasion of a woman. [2-90-12]

  3. 13

    कच्छिन्न तस्यापापस्य पापं कर्तुमिहेच्छसि | अकण्टकं भोक्तुमना राज्यं तस्यानुजस्य च || २-९०-१३

    To enjoy the kingdom without obstacles do you intend to cause any harm to that irreproachable Rama and his brother?' [2-90-13]

  4. 14

    एवमुक्तो भरद्वाजं भरतः प्रत्युवाच ह | पर्यश्रुनयनो दुःखाद्वाचा संसज्जमानया || २-९०-१४

    At these words, Bharata, eyes filled with tears of grief, replied to Bharadwaja in a stumbling voice : - [2-90-14]

  5. 15

    हतोऽस्मि यदि मामेवं भगवानपि मन्यते | मत्तो न दोषमाशङ्के नैवं मामनुशास्तु हि || २-९०-१५

    - 'When one so venerable like you too misunderstands me, I am gone. There is no danger for him from me. Do not rebuke me this way. [2-90-15]