1. 51

    चंद्रमाह्वयमानेन मुखेनाप्रतिमानना| गमिष्यसि गतिं मुख्यांगर्वयन्ती द्विषज्जने || २-९-५१

    With a peerless countenance, as if challenging the Moon and feeling proud, you will attain a state of eminence amidst your enemies. [2-9-51]

  2. 52

    तवापि कुब्जायाः सर्वाभरणभूषिताः | पादौ परिचरिष्यन्ति यथैव त्वं सदा मम || २-९-५२

    Other hunchbacks adorned with all sorts of ornament shall also serve you in the same manner as you are serving me. [2-9-52]

  3. 53

    इति प्रशस्यमाना सा कैकेयीमिदमब्रवीत् | शयानां शयने शुभ्रे वेद्यामग्निशिखामिव || २-९-५३

    Flattered in this manner, Manthara addressed Kaikeyi who was lying on a white couch and looking like a flaming fire on the sacrificial altar: - [2-9-53]

  4. 54

    गतोदके सेतुबन्दो न कल्याणि विधीयते | उत्तिष्ठ कुरु कल्याणं राजानमसुदर्शय|| २-९-५४

    Oh ! fortunate one ( Kaikeyi ), construction of a dike is not undertaken after the water has flowed down. Act before the king to the best of your interest. [2-9-54]

  5. 55

    तथा प्रोत्साहिता देवी गता मन्थरया सह | क्रोधागारं विशालाक्षी सौभाग्यमदगर्विता || २-९-५५

    That beautiful, large eyed Kaikeyi, puffed with the pride of her intoxicating beauty, encouraged by the words of that Manthara, entered the chamber of wrath. [2-9-55]