1. 16

    निष्कुटश्चैव देशोऽयं वञ्चिताश्चापि ते वयम् | निवेदयामस्ते सर्वे स्वके दासकुले वस || २-८४-१६

    - 'This country is like a pleasuregarden at the backyard of your palace. All of us are subordinate to you and we solicit you to stay in the house of this servant of yours. [2-84-16]

  2. 17

    अस्ति मूलं फलञ्चैव निषादैस्समुपाहृतम् | आर्द्रं च मांसं शुष्कं च वन्यं चोच्चावचं महत् || २-८४-१७

    Here are roots, fruits and a great variety of forest produce, fresh and dried meat brought by the nishadas. [2-84-17]

  3. 18

    आशंसे स्वाशिता सेना वत्स्यतीमां विभावरीम् | अर्चितः विविधैः कामैः श्वः ससैन्यो गमिष्यसि || २-८४-१८

    We hope your army having refreshed themselves will spend the night here. With our hospitality extended, you can proceed tomorrow.' [2-84-18]