1. 16

    अनुत्तमं तद्वचनं नृपात्मजप्रभाषितं संश्रवणे निशम्य च | प्रहर्षजास्तं प्रति बाष्पबिन्दवो निपेतुरार्यानननेत्रसम्भवाः || २-७९-१६

    With such graceful words spoken by the prince within their hearing, tears of joy filled the eyes of the noble people and fell drop by drop down their faces. [2-79-16]

  2. 17

    ऊचुस्ते वचनमिदं निशम्य हृष्टाः सामात्याः सपरिषदो वियातशोकाः | पन्थानं नरवर भक्तिमान् जनश्च व्यादिष्टस्तव वचनाच्च शिल्पिवर्गः || २-७९-१७

    All the ministers and members of the council, relieved of their distress, were delighted to hear these words and said Oh ! best among men, on your orders devoted people and groups of artisans have been instructed to lay the road. [2-79-17]