1. 1

    तां तथा गर्हयित्वा तु मातरं भरतस्तदा | रोषेण महताऽविष्टः पुनरेवाब्रवीद्वचः || २-७४-१

    Overtaken by great wrath, Bharata reproached his mother and then said to her again : - [2-74-1]

  2. 2

    राज्याद्भ्रंशस्व कैकेयि नृशंसे दुष्टचारिणि | परित्यक्ता च धर्मेण मा मृतं रुदती भव || २-७४-२

    - 'Oh ! cruel Kaikeyi of wicked conduct, you may be deprived of the kingdom. Abandoned by righteousness, you shall be weeping for me after my death. [2-74-2]

  3. 3

    किन्नु तेऽदूषयद्राजा रामो वा भृशधार्मिकः | ययोर्मृत्युर्विवासश्च त्वत्कृते तुल्यमागतौ || २-७४-३

    Death for the king and exile for Rama, similar fate for both, have befallen on your account. What possible harm, either the king or the highly virtuous Rama has done to you? [2-74-3]

  4. 4

    भ्रूणहत्यामसि प्राप्ता कुलस्यास्य विनाशनात् | कैकेयि नरकं गच्छ मा च भर्तुः सलोकताम् || २-७४-४

    Oh ! Kaikeyi by destroying this race you have earned the demerit of killing an embryo and shall enter hell. You shall never attain the same state of living, in the afterworld of your husband. [2-74-4]

  5. 5

    यत्त्वया हीदृशं पापं कृतं घोरेण कर्मणा | सर्वलोकप्रियं हित्वा ममाप्यापादितं भयम् || २-७४-५

    That by doing this horrible deed you have committed a great sin of renouncing Rama, the beloved of all worlds. Therefore I am overtaken by fear. [2-74-5]